Sean J.

The staff is professional, hard working and honest. The Cleanestouch team has been cleaning our studio for years and the quality and care of their work is always consistent.

Jeff M.

We have been using Cleanestouch cleaning services for our office and showrooms for over three years. Their services are top-notch, adaptable and also responsive to any special needs or requests. I would recommend Cleanestouch and its team for your cleaning needs.

Jenna M.

Cleanestouch Commercial Cleaning has proven to be the most competent, trustworthy, and reliable cleaning service that we have ever dealt with. We have high standards here, and AJ and his staff, deliver. We have contracted their services for over two years now received perfect attendance. This dependability is very important to our business and we feel confident in knowing that we will receive unwavering and consistent service for years to come!

Misha W.

We have found Cleanestouch Commercial Cleaning to be very reliable and competitively priced. We have been using them since 2008.