General Cleaning

How much is your hourly rate?

We do not invoice clients that use our everyday cleaning services on a hourly basis. We will estimate how long each cleaning session may take and provide a fixed rate for each session, as the duration of each cleaning session may vary. This service is usually priced at $18 to $22 per hour.

Do you provide an estimate?

Yes, one of our estimators will come by for a site visit at your convenience and discuss about your expected work scope in order to provide you with a fix monthly estimate.

What does your everyday cleaning services cover?

Our everyday cleaning services can vary depending on the clients’ needs and expectations, but generally it consists of restroom cleaning/sanitizing, kitchen/staff room clean up, floor vacuuming/mopping, emptying garbage/recycling bins, dusting desks and furniture, sanitizing phone headsets and door handles, etc.

How many cleaners will you send to our location?

The size of the cleaning crew may vary depending on the scope of the work and the size of the client location, which may range from 1-10 staff members or more.

Are your cleaning solutions environmentally friendly?

Yes, we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Do you provide toiletries?

We can supply products such as toilet paper, garbage bags and etc. for an extra cost in addition to the cleaning cost.

Will we always have the same cleaner?

In most cases, we try to schedule the same cleaners for our clients, which allows us to build familiarity and trust with our clients.

Do you supply your own cleaning products?

Yes, we provide the cleaning products needed for the job.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes, we bring all the necessary tools needed for the job.

Is the company fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

When does the cleaning take place?

Cleaning is done after business hours.