Does the rain make my windows dirty?

Contrary to a common myth, the rain does NOT make your windows dirty. Rain is relatively clean, and unlike tap water that comes out of sprinklers and irrigation systems, rain is devoid of minerals – which means it will not leave water spots. The reason people think rain makes their windows look dirty is because the windows were dirty to begin with.

If your window is dirty and particularly if your screens are dirty and the rain gets them wet, what you’re left with is mud residue. So, it is not the rain making the windows dirty, it is dirt that makes them dirty.

When we clean your windows, we clean the glass itself, the window frame and we wash your screens with soap and water – Often times you’ll see just the simple dry brushing method used by others. Furthermore, all of the exterior glass is cleaned with a pure water cleaning system so no soap residue is left behind.

That means if it were to rain the day after, it would have no impact on your clean windows. In many cases windows are covered by roof lines and rain cannot come into contact with them – We actually have the ability to clean your windows while it is raining and still get perfect results.